Thursday, November 17, 2016

The most delicious, moist, zingy lemon cake - ever


10oz gluten-free white mix
8oz sugar
8oz utterly butterly
4 large eggs
2 tsp baking powder
lemon juice

How to make it:

I measured all the ingredients together in a large bowl and whizzed together with an electric hand mixer, adding lemon juice as I was mixing, to achieve the right consistency.  I then poured the mixture into an 8" square cake tin, that I'd greased with butter and base lined with baking parchment.  I'm not keen on zest in cakes, and I didn't have any fresh lemons - so there's no zest here!  But you could add zest to make the cake even more lemony!
I baked the cake at 160C until it looked ready!  Now, I'm guessing this was about 40 minutes... but I was pottering around cooking chilli con carne at the same time, so it may have been slightly more, or less!
The cake was left to cool slightly, then I added the topping - which was made with several tablespoons of suger mixed in a bowl with the juice of a Jif lemon.  I then drizzled the sugary mix over the top of the cake before leaving it to almost cool completely in the tin.  After that, I transferred to a wire rack to cool completely.
Well, I say completely.  Actually, I cut into the cake fairly quicly after that point, as I was desperate to try a slice - it smelled so good!
As you can tell from the photographs, I was eating as I was going...
I cut the cake into quarters as Frugal Queen suggested, wrapping two in foil and stashing away in the freezer for another day. The rest has been slowly but surely demolished over the last 24 hours - not just by me - my family helped, too!
This is a real winner and one I will definitely be making again!  Next time I might try this recipe as cupcakes.
Just a wee note on the weight ratios in my ingredients list.  I find when making gluten-free cakes, that the normal 4-4-4-2 ratio is too "wet", so when converting non-gluten-free recipes to gluten-free, I always add extra white mix.  This helps to make my cakes lighter and rise better.  If you are giving this a go with normal flour, I'd use 8oz self raising flour instead.


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