Saturday, December 24, 2016

10 Coca-Cola Hacks That Actually Work!

1. Pesticide
Due to their high sugar and chemical contents, Coke and Pepsi are both used as pesticides in rural India as it is just effective and cheaper than many of the other products on the market. Of course, results vary depending on plant and pest but it could be well worth spraying your plant leaves with a spritz of coke if they are in need of a little extra protection. Coke,obviously aren't keen on advertising this fact as the association of their drink being able to kill living things is not a good image for them.
2. Gum Removal
Getting gum stuck in your hair can be an absolute nightmare, with cutting it out often completely changing your look whilst other methods can just make it spread, however, coke can help with that. The acids that are in the drink make the gum harder, whilst also weakening the keratin in the hairs themselves. As such, there is a greater contrast in the textures of hair and gum and so it becomes a heck of a lot easier to brush out. Should this unfortunate incident ever happen to you, just place the affected hair in a cup of the cola for a few minutes before trying to get the gum out.
3. Color Fader
Ever had a great idea for a cool and quirky new hair color only to have it coming out darker than you'd expected and you looking like a The Simpsons  character? Well, worry no more because you can reach for the coke should this happen as the chemicals in the beverage weaken dyes and dissolve them away making the color fade faster and into a less vivid tone.

4. Pain Relief
The chemical compound of coke means that bug bites or insect stings can be healed quicker by the soda should your pour it on the wound as quickly as possible. It isn't a cure-all and will sting initially but it will make your pain less prolonged and will heal quicker.

5. Cleaning The Dishes
Although it may seem counter-intuitive to wash dishes in a highly sticky and sugary substance, the chemicals within Coke make them great at breaking down grime. by pouring the cola into a grease-stained pot or pan or one with heavy stains, you can remove them with far greater ease just by letting them sit in the soda for a mew minutes so that the chemicals soak in and make the dirt easier to shift. Wash away any sticky residue and it will make the dishes just a little easier to wash.

6. Negating Jellyfish Stings
Although rarely fatal, jellyfish stings can be darn painful and can ruin a day at the beach. The common urban myth to combat this is to pee on the affected area but this is, indeed, a myth. However, the far more palatable and effective response would be to pour some Coca-Cola on the sting and the pain will become a little more relieved.

7. Hair Curling
Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, a mineral acid which is known to contract hair cuticles and is used in perming. So, if you have natural curls and wish to accentuate them, it could well be worth rinsing your hair in the drink. Several beauty vloggers have also made videos showing how the cola can reduce frizz and provide more bounce to your hair in a cheap and easy manner after the actress Suki Waterhouse admitted she did it.

8. Getting Rid Of The Smell Of Gas
If you've ever stood too near the gas pump or got it on your clothes and managed to wash it out but the smell is still there, coke can be used to lift that smell right out. By adding a can of coke to your washer, it will lift the smell of gas right out. Of course, your clothes will now smell of cola but if you then run them through a regular wash again, there will be no smell.

9. Coin and Chrome Scrubbing
You can clean up old and valuable coins nicely by dropping them in a glass of Coca-Cola overnight and leaving them as the dirt gets dissolved and you can then just polish them off. The acidic compounds help break down any oxidized rust and so are great in the use of polishing up chrome or nickel and can even be used on old car parts.

10. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Using its acidic properties once more, Coca-Cola can be great for cleaning a dirty toilet bowl if poured around the rim and over any marks and left for an hour to work its magic. Then, flush away most of the dirt and some light scrubbing should do the trick for the rest without too much effort.

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